Our Mission

The core mission at M.E. Sack Environmental, a women owned enterprise, is to care for the environment (both built and natural), making it a better place to live. The company supports all aspects of preservation, while ensuring good air quality, controlling water pollution and remediation of wastes at contaminated sites. Our team focuses on how we can help protect the environment and ensure environmental sustainability, while recognizing the global impact that local actions can have on people and their environments.

Our Story

Continuing the firm’s mission to be “more of everything engineering”, the M.E. Sack Environmental branch was launched in 2021 as an extension of M.E. Sack Engineering. President and CEO of M.E. Sack Engineering, Marcus Sack, and his wife, Jennifer Sack, saw several needs not met throughout smaller communities in our region. The areas they saw the greatest need were underserved and understaffed communities. Many were struggling to retain qualified labor, losing employees to larger systems after training them. With this in mind, the dynamic duo created M.E. Sack Environmental to be a constant for these companies in need.

Jennifer Sack, President of M.E. Sack Environmental, collaborates with the executive team to develop and meet company goals while implementing the strategic direction and growth of the business. Her experience and knowledge in personnel placement and management is vital to the success of M.E. Sack Environmental. A teacher at heart, Jennifer has been an educator for most of her career and for the last five years, she has been the head of a program at Richmond Hill High School, in which she finds and places students in positions at local businesses.

Vice President, Marcus Sack, has over 20 years of experience in the water and wastewater industry. As a professional engineer, he has the ability to see systems from the perspective of design and operations. Through his lens, the environmental team is able to maintain systems that align with engineering and their intended use. The M.E. Sack Environmental team provides consistency in a field that is rapidly changing.